From 6th October 2023 until 7th January 2024 I will be showing a new installation as part of ‘A Fine Toothed Comb’ – an exhibition curated by Turner Prize-winning artist Lubaina Himid. Bringing together new commissions by Himid as well as artists Magda Stawarska, Rebecca Chesney and Tracy Hill.

A Fine Toothed Comb will centre on unearthing hidden layers within the city of Manchester.

Through four unique installations spanning painting on found objects, multi-screen moving image, site-specific drawing and sound compositions, the artists will each uncover invisible geological, historical, environmental and political layers of the city. From hidden waterways and disappearing wildlife, to lost music and communities hidden in plain sight, A Fine Toothed Comb invites us to look closer at what surrounds us. This is the first time all four artists’ work has been presented together, following many years of discussion and collaboration

Surgere‘ investigates the relationship between our human beliefs and customs, traditions of the hand created image and developing digital technologies. Considering the geological importance of subterranean rivers present below Manchester, for HOME, Hill presents a new site-responsive drawing exploring how the walking body experiences unseen energy transmitted from below the streets of Manchester City centre. Following a dowsed spring line running over 100 metres within the bedrock below the gallery and through the city, this new work is intended to reveal and speak directly to the imperceptible energies which underscore our human experience but which often exceed our ability to capture or represent them.

Lubaina Himid said: “This exhibition is very important to me. The artists Magda Stawarska, Rebecca Chesney and Tracy Hill have been in conversation with me about our very different investigative projects for many years, but this is the first time we have shown work all together. At HOME, we will present four very different installations examining the geological, historical and political issues we have individually realised that no one seems to ever want to discuss properly. The exhibition will be a unique opportunity to perform some subtle creative conjuring tricks in a way that will ensure that HOME audiences never experience the city in quite the same way again.”

Clarissa Corfe, Creative Producer: Visual Art at HOME, Manchester, said: “We are hugely excited to be announcing A Fine Toothed Comb, an exhibition we have invited Lubaina Himid to curate using her work as a starting point. She and 3 others, Magda Stawarska, Rebecca Chesney and Tracy Hill, explore hidden or forgotten people, communities and topographies across the city of Manchester. Developing their work in close proximity and over a number of years, the exhibition will explore the artists’ converging and diverging practices, and investigative attempts to turn narratives of the city inside out. Inviting artists to curate their work alongside others’ changes the way exhibitions are authored and experienced; this is an important part of HOME’s gallery programme and taps into a longer standing history of the arts centre movement as radical and democratic space.”

A Fine Toothed Comb at HOME, Manchester is curated by Lubaina Himid with Clarissa Corfe, Creative Producer: Visual Art.

Watch video here: