Letters To The Void – on-going series of lithographic drawings and prints created in response to conversations exploring magnetic forces and energies surrounding us.

Here the void is understood as a tension, a Presence through Absence.  I believe that ungraspable material forces affect human perception, forces and energies, which participate in our experience of walking in a landscape.  

Through these exploratory drawings I specifically consider the human body as a porous and a receptive threshold for sensing. Water and tusche are dropped onto a ground lithographic stone.  Each line the tusche traces is a force of movement, expressing the interplay between material tensions, rhythms and their potential. By slowing the rhythm of this movement in and through the water on which it moves, and altering the concentration of the tusche the grease and water creates its own gestures, overriding the human gesture that produced them.

As the water and tusche dry the rhythms and movement are captured on the stone surface.  

Here, a new conversation begins.  If the day is warm the evaporation is swift and the drawing is gestural and dark, if the day is cooler the suspended pigment has time to settle in gentle reticulations, affected by subtle air movements in the atmosphere.

The images created reflect the boundaries between energies of the body, materials and the environment around me.