Ephemeral Bodies – is the concept of things being transitory, existing only briefly and emanates from POROSITY which sought to reveal unseen landscapes, exploring the walking body as a receiver of the hidden energies surrounding us.




In May 2022 the concept of Ephemeral Bodies was explored during a 5 week residency with AirSpace Gallery, Stoke. Using the drawing methods developed during Porosity as a starting point, material investigations traced the interaction between the artist hand and material surfaces, tracing the exchange between absence and presence. Through site-specific drawing, the visible time taken to physically create, and the temporality of unconventional drawing materials, invite considerations about how we understand and value sensory encounters of invisible forces we cannot see.

During the residency, collaborations with Sound Artist, Phil Phelps and Dowser, Deborah Bell allowed an exchange of creative thinking, discovery, mapping and transformation into physical reality.  New drawing and sonic works resulted, revealing a series of unseen energies – electro magnetics and vibrations, rhythms and waves – of sound and water – lying directly within the fabric of the building, 4 Broad Street.

The final presentation combined existing works from Porosity and new site-responsive works created over the 5 weeks in residence.