Porosity – the measurement of a void.

‘Sometimes in the darkness you can see more clearly’

Robert MacFarlane – Underworld.

Over the coming year new artworks will examine the dual relationship between ‘humans and Place’.  Humans inevitably change the place they are in, each receives an impression of the other.

Porosity, takes it name from a scientific term of measurement.  Building on my previous projects, Porosity provides the opportunity for combining traditional fine art practice with digital immersive technologies to create new ambitious artworks and installations exploring the subterranean salt landscapes of the North West. Innovative material and technological investigations will explore how human belief, customs and scientific understanding connects us to unseen landscapes.  Movement and materials will combine to explore how the world around us is held together in terms of energy, forces and form as filtered through human perception.

I am always interested in what connects us to a landscape to such a degree that we might consider it meaningful or of value.

Can immersive technologies combine with traditional art to change perceptions and promote a new understanding of what we cannot see?

This project will explore the sensory responses of the human body, thinking about the body as a receiver for the energy and magnetic forces present in the landscape as we walk through it.  Working closely with the only professional female water dowser in the UK, Deborah Bell and retired geologist Ros Todhunter I will try to decode my connection to place through walking.

Initial studio drawing studies explore how the materials and elements of drawing respond to each other, allowing environmental conditions and time to record the material traces.

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