Letters to the void – more-than-human

Bergson proposes a perceptual framework that connects us to a vibrant material world – extending ‘subjects’ and ‘objects’ along a spectrum of temporal movement. Bergson proposes exceeding what he describes as our ‘human’ habits of perception and intellection. He suggests we are not restricted to a linear reading of the world, instead a more-than-human sensitivity … Read more

Letters to the void – A conversation with the landscape of Tatton Park.

A Conversation with the Landscape of Tatton Park Tatton Park is just down the road from my home and a delight to visit for its wide open flattish, hedge free landscape. A feeling of openness, freedom, giving long wide views to the faulted margin of Pennine Hills, way to the east towering above the Cheshire … Read more

Letters to the void – Connecting through wood and water.

‘There are many great contentions between miners concerning the forked twig, for some say that it is of the greatest use in discovering veins, and others deny it. Some of those who manipulate and use the twig, first cut a fork from a hazel bush with a knife, for this bush they consider more efficacious … Read more

Porosity – the measurement of a void.

‘Sometimes in the darkness you can see more clearly’ Robert MacFarlane – Underworld. Over the coming year new artworks will examine the dual relationship between ‘humans and Place’.  Humans inevitably change the place they are in, each receives an impression of the other. Porosity, takes it name from a scientific term of measurement.  Building on … Read more