CFPR – Artist Residency

Earlier this year I was delighted to be awarded a research residency at CFPR. The artist in residence programme presents a truly exciting opportunity for collaboration and the enrichment of the CFPR’s research activities. Artists and designers will make a body of work that contributes to the CFPR archive and the editions portfolio. My interrogation and … Read more

Letters to the Void – Sites of Exchange

The Centre for Print Research UWE, will be hosting IMPACT 12 multidisciplinary printmaking conference, The Printmakers’ Voice, 21-25 September 2022. I am delighted to be one of this years Keynote speakers sharing my recent projects and research as we discuss the post-pandemic voice. Letters to the Void – Sites of Exchange. Perceptions of landscape are determined … Read more

Paths of Resistance – Impact 12

Paths of Resistance is a site-specific installation which speaks directly to the imperceptible energies, which inform our human experiences.  Continuing from my project Porosity and residency Ephemeral Bodies, this installation considers energies lying hidden, the invisible shaping the visible. 20 meters of screenprinted fabric map the invisible magnetic fields present within Arnolfini and surrounding area, transforming … Read more

Porosity – publication

This new publication has been produced to document the research and development of this two year project. Written contributions by Professor Penny Florence and Anna Souter bring together unique critical and poetic responses to the new works. Online version available to view –  https://issuu.com/tracyhill2/docs/high-res_single_pages Printed copies are available to pre-order via AirSpace Gallery.

Ephemeral Bodies. Opening event.

AIRSPACE is pleased to present EPHEMERAL BODIES – a presentation of new print, drawing and sound works resulting from artist Tracy Hill’s 4-week residency. During the residency, Tracy has been responding site specifically to the Gallery building and her studio space, mapping and tracing unseen waves and rhythms and transforming them into a series of … Read more

Ephemeral Bodies. Artist Residency AirSpace Gallery week 4.

“We are not separate from this Earth; we are a part of it, whether we fully feel it in our bodies yet or not.”― Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted. My final week at AirSpace concentrated thoughts and investigations from the previous 3 weeks. This residency has given me the gift of working with wonderful and … Read more

Ephemeral Bodies. Artist Residency AirSpace Gallery week 3.

“The threshold shifts. It vibrates. It is not figure or form. Not this or that history, this or that memory. It resonates with all it touches. But it cannot quite be seen”― Erin Manning, Thought in the act, 2014 Feeling the vibrations, shifting ideas of an unseen landscape within an urban environment. Reminding ourselves to be still … Read more

Ephemeral Bodies. Artist Residency AirSpace Gallery week 2.

“There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a silence, we cannot.”― John Cage, Silence: Lectures and Writings Whilst working on this project, I have regularly recalled observations by Tim Ingold who refers to Mind-Walking, walking … Read more

Ephemeral Bodies. Artist Residency AirSpace Gallery

‘matter resolves itself into numberless vibrations, all linked together in uninterrupted continuity, all bound up with each other, and traveling in every direction like shivers’ (Bergson, 1990:208) I wonder if there is something about my relationship between the physical nature of making, the materials I use and the journeys I make on foot. Just as … Read more

Ephemeral Bodies.

The concept of things being transitory, existing only briefly. Test installation at The Birley Artist Studios in Preston.  The visible time taken to physically create site-specific drawing installations and the temporality of unconventional materials are intended to compel audiences to think within new timescales, exploring sensory and spatial perception. Composed of a series of traces; … Read more