Ephemeral Bodies. Opening event.

AIRSPACE is pleased to present EPHEMERAL BODIES – a presentation of new print, drawing and sound works resulting from artist Tracy Hill’s 4-week residency. During the residency, Tracy has been responding site specifically to the Gallery building and her studio space, mapping and tracing unseen waves and rhythms and transforming them into a series of brand new drawings, prints and soundscapes.

EPHEMERAL BODIES is the concept of things being transitory, existing only briefly and emanates from POROSITY – an Arts Council funded R&D project which seeks to reveal unseen landscapes, exploring the walking body as a receiver of the hidden energies surrounding us.

Using drawing methods developed during Porosity as a starting point, Tracy’s material investigations have traced the interaction between the artist hand and material surfaces, tracing the exchange between absence and presence. Through site-specific drawing, the visible time taken to physically create, and the temporality of unconventional drawing materials, invite considerations about how we understand and value sensory encounters of invisible forces we cannot see.

During the residency, collaborations with Sound Artist, Phill Phelps and Dowser, Deborah Bell have allowed Tracy to discover, map and then transform into physical reality, a series of unseen energies – electromagnetics and vibrations, rhythms and waves – of sound and water – lying directly within the fabric of the building, 4 Broad Street.

The result is a series of major new site specific works, each epic in scale and intent, encompassing drawing, print and sound, revealing those mapped invisible forces, which surround the artworks and audience as they encounter the space.

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